• Image of "CHARCOAL" Ambassador Bracelet

The AMBASSADOR Collection was specially designed to support the fight against child mortality in impoverished areas of the world.

This bracelet was assembled by hand in Canada and is 100% ethical, socially and environmentally sound.
Each bead was handcrafted from recycled glass in a fair trade facility in Indonesia.
The loveable Believe Bear charm accent is the hallmark of the AMBASSADOR Collection and is available in your choice of 22K gold and fine silver plated lead-free pewter.

 The teddy bear is the United Nations symbol for child health and represents the worldwide fight to reduce child mortality.


When you purchase this AMBASSADOR Bracelet, Believe Beads will donate measurable proceeds to the United Nations World Food Programme. This will feed a mother and her baby for 1 week.


By wearing an AMBASSADOR bracelet, you become an ambassador for child health and have an opportunity to express your inner humanitarian while creating awareness for the cause.

We ask that you to wear your heart on your sleeve and BELIEVE that together we can end extreme poverty and give every child a fair chance at life.

Thank you for BELIEVING!